» Information about the laws and regulations applicable to business entities wishing to start a business or ones that are already operating in Denmark

» Registering the activity of a Polish company in Denmark in the RUT register and keeping the register

» Authorization of companies to perform specific industry services in Denmark

» Authorization of employees to perform specific industry services in Denmark

» Completion of formalities related to the establishment of a branch, company branch, etc. in Denmark

» Registration of a Polish company as a VAT taxpayer in Denmark with an explanation of the applicable Danish tax rules

» Settlement of a Polish company from VAT with the Danish SKAT tax office

» Preventing a Polish company from qualifying as a workforce in Denmark, which automatically results in paying income tax to the Danish tax office

» Information about the rules for employees delegated to work in Denmark

» Creation of company templates for Danish VAT invoices

» All other services by customer needs

» Completion of formalities related to establishing a new company in Denmark (+ eventual a business plan)

» Registration for VAT

» Registration of employees

» Accounting for business entities, both single person and ones that hire employees

» Assistance in the purchase and registration of a company car

» Assistance with finding suitable premises for the company

» Assistance with closing of the company


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